Monday, May 24, 2010

Falling Down and Getting Back Up

I have been falling lately. Luckily, I haven't fallen on my elbow that just was operated on! We went to see a Shakespere play, and during intermission we took Montana out for a short walk. I had just handed off his leash to Arnie, when we began climbing a set of cement stairs. I fell, with my right knee landing on the step. Needless to say, it hurt and I said a very bad word. Montana came back down the stairs without prompting to help me get back up.

Does this mean my balance is getting worse, even on the Tysabri? I sure hope not, because I was at my baseline for months--my baseline is low but I'm still walking with a forearm crutch on my right and with Montana on my left.

For the play, we got handicapped seats which turned out to be the best in the house. There was room on the side of my chair for Montana to spread out, plus the seats had arm rests and pillows. The rest of the seating was bench-style, plus there were short stools up on stage for some who wanted to be a lot closer to the action.

Wednesday, we're taking a trip up to northern Virginia to see a few sights. The following week, we'll go to Richmond to see the Holocaust Museum (we've been there before, and it is humbling to see). There are Holocaust survivors who volunteer there to answer questions.

We're trying to get in as many trips as possible before June 7, when Arnie goes back for more CT scans, and then two days later we see the oncologist to find out where we need to go from there. Please send my dear husband positive thoughts as we get nearer to this event in our lives. Thank you!

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