Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

We ate all the soup I had made and put in the freezer, so I've got to make a big pot this week. This week's soup is going to be split pea. It's hard to make, but well worth the effort. We have a big bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. It's turned into one of our favorite meals. Last week, we ate the sweet and sour cabbage soup. That was really good, with a little bite from the red pepper flakes.

Today, I'm making compote. We had some this past weekend, and it put me in the mood to make some. Couldn't find dried pears so I bought dried apples instead, plus prunes, apricots, and golden raisins.

Montana had to eat just regular Purina the four days we were out of town. He didn't really mind, but he didn't go back twice to lick his bowl like he does with the home-cooked food. I've added lentils and sardines to his diet. This week I'm going to try to find buckwheat at the Co-Op, and pick up some more millett.


  1. Hi Maryann,

    Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich sounds delicious.

    Richie is making something delicious with aubergines and tomatoes to eat with cous cous tonight.

    Love couscous its so easy to eat real comfort food.

    ps give your lovely dog Montana a cuddle for me

  2. Hi Maryann,

    Take a look at Spike and Marleen's blog

    for your A Hoy Award