Friday, February 27, 2009

Saint Francis Demo

Montana and I did our first demo for Saint Francis Service Dogs. I talked to a Brownie troup, so it was a nice beginning to the demos I'll be doing in the future. The strange thing was, I didn't get nervous. There were about 25 Brownies, four leaders, and a few interested parents. I had asked Connie, Montana's trainer, to come with me as back-up. It was good that I did, because she was able to point me toward a few things I forgot to talk about, and she was also able to answer some questions that I stumbled over.

I had made notes on index cards but didn't use them. Instead, I just talked. Sometimes my talking was a little disjointed and not as smooth as I would have liked, but I figure as I continue to give demos it will get easier and I'll get my talk down to a more natural flow of information.

They gave me a box of Thin Mint GS cookies as a thank-you gift. That was sweet!

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